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Vacation 2016


My name is Isabelle vel Indianka. I am a dreamer :-) I do love animals and nature. This is why I have left a big Polish city and moved into a tiny village faaar from my hometown.

I run a permaculture ecovillage on my own in the most beautiful part of Poland, in the region called Mazury Garbate. It is the most clean, natural, wild region of Poland. The region is hilly with lots of small lakes and ponds, streams and little rivers. The area is basicly the rural region.

I run 11 hectares permaculture ecovillage where I breed horses, goats, sheep and poultry. In 2016 year I planned to establish big organic vegetable garden and build long fences around all the farm.

Besides my house suffered from a fire this year and renovation is needed.
I live without: electricity and running water in the house.
I use water from streams and ponds.

I have just installed a little solar system for charging my mobile and tablet. The system has 12 volt. It has USB for mobile and tablet, but I do not take responsibility for it's stability and eventual damages to your mobile.
It should be okay, but I do not guarantee this.

My project is to renovate the small farm using traditional and eco-friendly methods.

In may I needed help mainly in fencing, gardening and shaving sheep.
Also help in the house is needed. I still need to clean the house after the fire, and make order in here and some repair.

I have got some huge holes in the ceiling after the fire.
Since July I will be busy with training horses.
Still I need help in the house with cleaning, renovation, and outside with fencing.

Dear volunteers :-)
Because I had no help with garden in spring - no food now :-)
If you are eager to participate in food cost, I may host you at my land :-)

As far as accommodation is concerned, some rooms need massive cleaning and new decoration in order to move in, so it would be good to take a tent with you before you clean and prepare rooms for you.

Preparing food and washing dishes is not included as the working time - we do it together like a family.

We cook and grill over open fire or over oven.
Working hours flexible. You put as much heart in the Rancho as you like.

After work I may take you for a walk to the lakes and show you old Polish villages around and beautiful landscapes.

You may take pics around, but not at my farm, because we have fucking stupid restrictive rules in Poland (after the II World War, in the communists times there were invented many anti Polish rules by communist people imported from Russia and settled here and they still unfortunately exist, besides UE is adding new restrictive rules with each year) and you never know, what rule can be used against a farmer :-)

And believe me, I don't need more problems and tragedy than I have!
And vacational exchange idea is to help and have healthy countryside vacation, but not to do any harm to a poor lonely Polish farmer struggling for survival and development of her Rancho.

So, if you are eager to help a bit with my projects from bottom of your noble heart, please don't hasitate to email me at:
or talk to me at the Skype: Rajdy.Konne

Ask not what your hostess can offer you, but ask what you can do for your hostess :-) 
And remember to be tolerant and flexible!

Isabelle vel Indianka :-)

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Witajcie na moim blogu droga armio czytelników :)
Owocnego budowania patriotycznego, prawdziwie polskiego, silnego państwa w roku 2018 :)

Dużo miłości, radości, bliskiej, kochającej osoby, smacznego jadła, ciepłego domu, narodowego dobrobytu :)

Zostaw dobry człowieku dobre i mądre słowo :)
A podpisz się jakoś, choć przydomkiem :-)

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