piątek, 10 lutego 2017

Horse riders needed! :)

Horse riders needed! :)

My Rancho

Denver de Rebelle
For this spring, summer and autumn.
I dream of riding my beautiful, nobel horses in nice company at my Rancho and the area around. To the lakes and woods.

Dakota de Rebelle

French trainer at Indiana

My horses are basicly trained. They need more practice and good, loving hand of an experienced trainer, so I am looking for at least experienced riders able continue the training and riding practice.

Indiana de Rebelle

Me, myself have bred the horses. Some of them were born at my farm.
They trust me and react for my calling them. They come to me from a distant meadow when I call them. If they escape sometimes, they always come back to me and their stable on their own. Here is their home. They surround me when I sit at a meadow and graze grass at my feet. The grass is most tasty just next to my feet ;)

Dakota de Rebelle

I have learnt a lot of things by myself. I am farming on my own. I can do a lot of things, including usage of chain saw, mechanic drill, renovating, computer usage, designing websites, writing good texts, interpreting from English into Polish, gardening, breeding, sowing, etc.

Indiana with her trainer and fly protection ;)

Unfortunately, I don't have riding skills, so I have never tried to ride my horses on my own. Besides I work very hard all year around and I don't have time and power to try it. But when you come to help with the training, I will find the time to assist you and will be your best assistant. I know my horses very well and of course their characters and habits.

My mare at work with great French trainer. Summer 2016. My inner road.

I need help with training. 3 beautiful, colourful, strong, healthy, nice ladies are waiting for you and your riding! :)

My arabian stallion

There is also one young arabic stallion just for basic training (mainly walking in hand).

Apart from the horse training I intend to focus on big garden establishing this spring. I can do it myself, but I may need some help with fencing and digging.

Fencing first thing in spring :)

But people able to train my horses will not be wasted for digging garden :)) I want them practice their 4-5 hours daily with my 4 horses. If the training will not be possible, then I may ask them to do something else. But definately I prefer my helpers to teach my horses as much as possible and I want us be able to go on horseback trips around :)

No matter what, in this year I am going to have dreamed garden :)

The treasures of my organic veggetable garden will be shareable with my helpers. I intend to sow as many as possible veggies and herbs. I like different varieties. I like colourful nature :) I like flowers as well.


Spring time is also time of shaving my sheep. I do it personally by scissors. You may help me by holding the sheep. I have over 30 sheep now (including baby sheep). They are cute animals.

In exchange for your help, I offer free acommodation, food and of course free vacation at my Rancho in the Polish beautiful, lake district :)

Bread made by me :)

Well, if you like animals and pure nature like me, and you would like to help me to make my dreams come true, this is place for you :)

4-5 hours of help with horses a day, 7 days a week, flexible for time off and excursions. During your days off you buy your own food and cook for yourself personally.
During your helping days I do the cooking :) I am carnivore, but I can cook vegetarian food as well. No problem :)

In order to receive invitation from me, write an e-mail in which tell me something about you, about your experience and why you want to help me.

IF you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Best regards,

Rancho Romantica de Red Permaculture Ecovillage
Izabella Redlarska
Czukty 1
19-420 Kowale Oleckie
Powiat Olecki
Województwo Warmińsko-Mazurskie
Polska - Poland
0048607507811 PLUS
0048511945226 Orange

Isabelle de Rebelle ;)

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  1. Piękne miejsce, piękne koniki i sympatyczna, urodziwa gospodyni :)
    Podziwiam :)
    Aż się chce w takie miejsce jechać... :)

  2. daleko trochę ....


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