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Udział Żydów ze zbrodniczej organizacji NKWD w holokauście bezbronnych Polaków w Katyniu

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1. POLISH History
May 1, 1996


The short history of the Katyn Massacre reproduced here was posted on Internet 'soc.culture.polish' by KonradX@msn.com on April 25, 1996.


25,700 Polish officers, Polish citizens, Polish prisoners of II World War were murdered in the early spring of 1940 in one operation. A single shot to the back of the head on orders from the Soviet government. In Katyn Forest died 15,000 Polish officers. The other 10,000 were executed in various undisclosed places throughout Russia. The exact number of Polish deaths is not known. Anyone who might be able to attain leadership and become the future opposition against the Soviets was immediately dispatched.

World War II broke out September 1, 1939. The Germans marched into Gdansk (Danzig) and Gliwice (Gliwitz). Before they got to Poland, on September 17 the Soviets already attacked from the other side and took all of the eastern part of Poland with Vilnuis (Wilno) and Lvov (Lwow). This attack was the result of the Ribbentrop-Molotov secret pact between the Germans and the Soviets. It was dissolved by Hitler's attack on Russia on June 21, 1941.

After the German invasion on Russia, the Nazis discovered the aftermath of the Katyn Massacre. Upon the Germans telling the world of this, the Russians tried to blame the Germans. But the bodies that were found in Katyn had been decomposing for months. Evidence such as paperwork found on the dead bodies as well as the condition of the corpses, whose hands were tied together with barbed wire, pointed to the fact that they were killed in April 1940 - one year before the Germans controlled any of those areas.

50 years passed before the Russians admitted responsibility of this attrocity, which was deliberate and intentional mass genocide.

March 5, 1940 Beria Laurenti prepared A DOCUMENT OF GENOCIDE for the Central Committee of the Politburo USSR. It was signed and Approved by: Joseph Stalin, Vyacheslav Molotov, Kliment Voroshilov, Anastas Mikoyan, Lazar Kaganovich, M. T. Kalinin.

The victims' crime: Being Polish and therefore enemies of the State. The Sentence: Death by firing squad.

Oct. 11, 1951 - Dec. 1952 a select committee of the 82nd U.S. Congress investigated the Katyn massacre. The facts, evidence, and circumstances of the massacre were forwarded to United Nations.

April 13, 1996 - International Katyn Day - NO ONE WAS EVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Houston, Texas - April 13, 1996"

End of article.

NOTE a): For information on Katyn: Reprinting of House Report No. 2505, 82nd Congress Concerning the Katyn Forest Massacre; Katyn, the Untold Story of Stalin's Polish Massacre (1991) by Allen Paul; Katyn, a Whisper in the Trees (1991) by Anthony A. J. Jakubowski; Jews in Poland (1993) by Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski (see index); (see bibliographies for further info)

NOTE b): Lazar M. Kaganovich was one of Stalin's Jewish henchmen.

Ref. Los Angeles Times, July 27, 1991: "The mustachioed, Ukrainian-born Jew was the last of Stalin's "faithful comrades-in-arms" - the inner Kremlin circle that included Vyacheslav Molotov, Lavrenti Beria and Georgy Malenkov - who helped create Stalin's brand of totalitarianism. ... Kaganovich, who joined the Bolshevik Party when he was 18, played a "sinister role" in the years of Stalin's terror, according to Soviet historian Roy Medvedev. ... As early as 1932, Kaganovich helped wage a ruthless terror in the northern Caucasus that resulted in the deportation en masse of the inhabitants of large Cossack villages. As first secretary of Moscow's Communist Party organization in 1930-35, he was responsible for the construction of the capital's subway and the eradication of many historical monuments and churches. ... He was head of the Communist Party's agricultural section for a time and thus personally involved in the liquidation of the private holdings of the Soviet peasantry, a long and violent operation that led to millions of deaths and badly damaged the country's ability to feed itself."

Ref. B'nai B'rith Messenger, May 21, 1993 by Si Frumkin: "I also doubt that many Jews know about the Ukrainian genocide of 1932-1933, during which close to 9 million men, women and children were starved to death by Stalin and his fellow-thugs who at the same time enforced collectivization on Russian peasants, Kazakhstan nomads, and committed other atrocities that resulted in the deaths of between 25 and 60 million innocents. ..."

The participation of NKVD Jews in the
murder of the Polish officers was made public in an Israeli paper Ma'ariv, July 21, 1971: "Among the security service [NKVD] people in Starobielsk was a major and his name was Yehoshua Sorokin ... During his service in the camp, this Soviet Jew, the commander, became friends with Vidro [also Jewish] the prisoner. ... It happened that Major Sorokin was part of the staff in the third transport, the last one, of the Poles from Starobielsk, as the supply manager. ... On the way, when both of them were alone and talking Yiddish with each other, Major Sorokin opened his heart to his friend. It seemed as if he suffered spasm- attacks and could not control his rapid talk. ... Then told Sorokin to Vidro that the Polish officers "went", were shot, somewhere in Smolensk forests. Major Sorokin said: "What my eyes saw - the world will not believe." ... " "In February 1941 Vidro was transferred from Starobielsk to the Talitza camp, in the province of Sabradlobask which is in the Urals. ... After a year he was assigned to be the camp's "commander", (a position that was given to a prisoner) and was responsible for interior arrangements, including receiving new prisoners. Also, here he happened to hear a certain testimony relating to the Katyn affair. In 1942, a transport of 50 prisoners arrived at Talitza, among them two who displayed bizarre behaviour: Senior Lieutenant Alexander Soslov, and Junior Lieutenant Symon Tichonov. It immediately was clarified that their "papers" did not indicate, as ordinarily, the accusation and verdict, but rather the letters "N.N." were written, that their meaning was probably known just to "Kabbalists" [i. e. Jews] from the camp's government. The odd impression of Soslov and Tichonov soon was reinforced in a "subtle hint" by the camp's director to Vidro (the "commander"), not to send them to work in the forest, but rather to find an arrangement for them within the camp, because they are "not so alright". Indeed, it turned out, that the two had suffered from nervous breakdown. Vidro recalls that Soslov cried often. And once it had occurred that officer-prisoner approached Vidro and said: "I want to recount you my life. Me and Tichnov, are the most miserable people on earth. Only to you, because you are a Jew, we will tell everything. Nothing will matter to us ... I killed the Pollacks with my own hands. I myself shot them."

Vidro tried to interrogate Soslov, by telling him: "You are lying." But Soslov, in a choking voice and hysterical, insisted and continued to tell: "Among the Russian soldiers that executed the killing, there were not a few that could not take it - they threw themselves into a grave and committed suicide. Other collaborators in the operation were spread over a short while to different places." End of quoted excerpts.

In March of 1940, an NKVD mission came to Krakow to work out with the Gestapo the methods they were jointly to adopt against Polish military organizations. The Polish underground and Home Army was occupied Europe's largest and most effective resistance by far - but only in the German sphere and not in Soviet- occupied Poland. In 1939, having joined and/or worked for the NKVD, Jews in eastern Poland helped in the capture and deportation to the Soviet Union of 1.5 - 1.7 million Poles. When Germany occupied that part of Poland, Jewish bands armed by the Soviets were killing Polish anti-communist partisans.

(Many Jews were also killed by the Soviet partisans, communist and anti- communist, or not accepted by other Jews. Ref. A Partisan's Memoir (1955) by Faye Schulman (Faya Lazebnik), page 104: "A general in the Soviet Army, Vlasow had been taken prisoner by the Germans in the summer of 1942. He had persuaded them to establish an "army" recruited from among Soviet prisoners of war. This "army" was organized to fight on the side of the Nazis, overthrow the communist regime in the Soviet Union, and establish a pro-Nazi Russian state. Vlasov's army was used for operations against the partisans and took part in anti-Jewish actions. ... Hundreds of Jews were killed by our own Soviet partisans. In 1941 the partisan movement was struggling. ... [T]he commander of the Pinsk partisan units issued an order to kill every stranger in the woods who was not attached to a partisan group. Unaffiliated strangers were immediately shot. Most were Jews who had escaped from ghettos or camps and were hiding in the woods. ... Hundreds were killed before the commander realized his error; he was targeting innocent Jews and not Nazi spies. By the time he called off the order, it was too late for too many. ... "Most of the Jewish partisans were dismissed, [said a Jewish boy] sent away from the units into Nazi jaws because they did not have rifles." The order had been given by partisan headquarters." End of quote.)

After the Soviets re-occupied ("liberated" from the Germans) eastern Poland, many Jews who survived the Nazis, often by being hidden, fed or otherwise helped by the Poles, denounced them to the communists for imprisonment, torture and/or death. Together with the Soviets they hunted down Polish anti- communist partisans.

After the rest of Poland was "liberated", Jewish communists, having spent the war in the shelter of the Soviet Union, established a reign of terror in Poland killing thousands of anti-communist Poles, including those who returned to Poland after fighting the Nazis with the Western allies.

Where are those communist Jews and the collaborators in the Katyn Massacre now ? Some have died of old age, some are in Israel, some in the United States as "survivors", some as professors in U. S. universities, - most, in order to mask their foul deeds, cry "Polish anti-Semitism !"

cs: Interested parties

Dana I. Alvi


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  1. I jakos udało się ciebie uciszyć stara ku...wo,co nie ma parobków ?

  2. Aha, to znaczy ze cala ta nagonka na mnie w internecie i powiecie to po to by mnie uciszyć? :-)
    No to jednak znajdę czas i przetłumaczę to ważne i istotne świadectwo roli Żydów w niszczeniu i zwalczaniu Polaków - jedynych rodowitych prawowitych władców ziem polskich.
    Polska to kraj Polaków. Wrogie Polakom narody nie są tu mile widziane. Żydzi z Polski won!

  3. Do czubów z syfiarni: żadna z moich wypowiedzi nie narusza żadnego z niżej wymienionych przepisów.
    Nie obrażam Żydów, ani nie nawołuję do nienawiści do nich.
    Ujawniam prawdę historyczną, korzystając z wolności słowa do którego jako wolny człowiek mam prawo :-)
    Art. 256.
    § 1. Kto publicznie propaguje faszystowski lub inny totalitarny ustrój państwa lub nawołuje do nienawiści na tle różnic narodowościowych, etnicznych, rasowych, wyznaniowych albo ze względu na bezwyznaniowość, podlega grzywnie, karze ograniczenia wolności albo pozbawienia wolności do lat 2.
    § 2. Tej samej karze podlega, kto w celu rozpowszechniania produkuje, utrwala lub sprowadza, nabywa, przechowuje, posiada, prezentuje, przewozi lub przesyła druk, nagranie lub inny przedmiot, zawierające treść określoną w § 1.
    Art. 257.
    Kto publicznie znieważa grupę ludności albo poszczególną osobę z powodu jej przynależności narodowościowej, etnicznej, rasowej, wyznaniowej albo z powodu jej bezwyznaniowości lub z takich powodów narusza nietykalność cielesną innej osoby, podlega karze pozbawienia wolności do lat 3.

  4. Poczytaj sobie Mein Kampf. Hitler 90 lat temu pisał o Żydach mniej więcej to samo co ty teraz. Za wszystkie problemy Niemiec miał być odpowiedzialny międzynarodowy spisek Żydów.

    1. Hitler był pół Żydem, wychowany w kulturze żydowskiej, to chyba wiedział o czym pisze? :-)
      Stąd jego nienawiść do tej nacji.
      Lenin i Stalin też mieli dolew krwi żydowskiej.
      Ciekawe, że najwięksi zbrodniarze wszechczasów byli pochodzenia żydowskiego.

  5. Hej Indianko :-)
    Czytam Twojego bloga od kilku lat,dużą przyjemność sprawia mi gdy Piszesz o życiu na swoim gospodarstwie,zwierzętach i pięknie mazurskiej ziemi,bardzo Ciebie podziwiam i trzymam kciuki żeby szczęście Cię nie opuszczało :-) Ale gdy zaczynasz pisać o polityce to smutno mi się robi że tracisz czas i energię dla polityków,którzy i tak mają nas maluczkich gdzieś,dla nich liczy się tylko ich tyłek,i nie ma tu znaczenia czy to prawica czy lewica,żadnej opcji politycznej nie wierzę.
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie, Andrzej z Anglii.
    ps.ostatnio dwa razy,w grudniu i styczniu byłem samochodem o godzinę drogi do Ciebie,tak bardzo chciałem Ciebie odwiedzić ale...byłoby mi bardzo przykro gdybyś mnie nie wpuściła na swoją ziemię,więc wolałem nie narażać się na smutek w tych pięknych okolicznościach mazurskiej przyrody.

    1. Zabawni jesteście :-) Jak nie groźbą, to prośbą chcecie mi zamknąć usta :-) Jakoś się ze swoją sympatią do mego bloga nie ujawniałeś, gdy gdy dwie lesbijki pochodzenia żydowskiego rozpętały wobec mnie fale nienawiści w internecie oraz w powiecie.

      Polityka to nierozerwalna część naszego życia codziennego.
      Podlegamy setkom, ba, tysiącom zbędnych praw i przepisów utrudniających i uprzykrzających życie tylko dlatego, że nasze losy oddaliście dawniej w niewłaściwe ręce. Złe ręce ludzi starej nomenklatury ukrywającej się pod górnolotnymi nazwami typu Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe, Stronnictwo Ludowo-Demokratyczne, Platforma Obywatelska. Żadne z tych ugrupowań nie ma nic wspólnego z ludem czy obywatelami. To wąskie, uprzywilejowane grupy trzymające władzę w Polsce od 1945 roku. To oni i ich koledzy z partii mordowali polskich patriotów, niszczyli Naród i pasdożytowali na kraju. Pora zrozumieć ich rolę w historii naszego kraju i wreszcie zdecvydowanie odsunąć od władzy.

      Teraz mamy po raz pierwszy od II Wojny Światowej prawdziwie pro-obywatelski, pro-polski, demokratyczny, uczciwy i sprawiedliwy rząd. Musimy go chronić i wspierać, bo to jedyna nadzieja naszego kraju na odbudowę naszej Ojczyzny.


Witajcie na moim blogu droga armio czytelników :)
Owocnego budowania patriotycznego, prawdziwie polskiego, silnego państwa w roku 2018 :)

Dużo miłości, radości, bliskiej, kochającej osoby, smacznego jadła, ciepłego domu, narodowego dobrobytu :)

Zostaw dobry człowieku dobre i mądre słowo :)
A podpisz się jakoś, choć przydomkiem :-)

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